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It’s the fighting game with a twist in it’s tail!
This unique Text-‘em-Up is frantic-fun and improves your typing skills! Brawl against your friends in multiplayer VS Mode! He who types fastest and most accurately wins!


TXT Fighter is a beat ‘em up with a difference, all your moves are initiated by typing the words on screen. Not only is it raw fighting fun, but it is also a great way to improve your texting abilities; TXT Fighter teaches you to type faster and improves your spelling.


With 7 unique super characters and 6 beautiful, animated stages in arcade mode (plus one secret stage), 2 awesome mini games, loads of achievements and unlockables, and live head to head action over Bluetooth connection, TXT FIGHTER offers huge play-time. TXT Fighter is MADE for the soft keyboard of the iPhone and iPod Touch.


The action is centered on beating each character’s personal rival AND everyone’s nemesis, the deadly Master Wu, who has wronged everyone, one way or another. Start with El Pulpo or Amelie and through challenging each character, Special moves, new characters and other bonus content are unlocked. Sometimes it won’t be obvious how to unlock that special move, and part of the fun is figuring it out!


TXT Fighter comes with a self-explanatory How-To as well as full Crystal integration that provides players with social networking capabilities (Facebook and Twitter) as well as challenges, leaderboards and achievements.

Check out the introduction of the characters with links to the Story Line and their Facebook profiles!



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